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    Better Brush - Worlds Best Toothbrush

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    Better Brush - Worlds Best Toothbrush

    Have you used a toothbrush with over 12,000 bristles?

    Brighten your smile with healthy white teeth!

    With 12,000 ultra-fine bristles, you can deeply clean your teeth, every corner.

    Hard bristles can actually damage the enamel¬†making you more¬†prone to cavities¬†which means¬†more doctor visits! This is why¬†we created Better Brush‚ĄĘ - World's Softest toothbrush!

    Better Brush  is unlike any ordinary toothbrush. With each micro-fiber bristle, it can cover more surface area of your teeth, and penetrate each enamel crevice to remove food residue, bacteria plaque, and stains!

    Our ultra-soft bristles are scientifically designed to deeply clean the gum line and interproximal areas between your teeth without irritating or abrasing the gums. 

    So soft making it highly effective for your gums and tongue! Say goodbye to bad breath and bleeding gums!

     Most toothbrushes are built in a way that makes you apply more pressure while brushing, and on top of that, they usually have very stiff bristles that feel like a sharp broom.  

    This erodes the enamel and causes receding gums (and none of them grow back naturally), exposing the most sensitive parts of your teeth and turning brushing and everyday actions into painful experiences. 

    Better Brush‚ĄĘ is ergonomically built to apply very gentle pressure on your teeth and gums while the flexible bristles clean everything without the harsh scrubbing, so you can finally eat that ice cream cone or cup of hot chocolate without cringing.¬†

    With over¬†12,000 Ultra Fine Bristles, you can¬†enjoy clean and healthy teeth!¬†Nano‚ĄĘ Toothbrush will reach¬†every crevice to eliminate that pesky plaque¬†while leaving¬†no damage to your teeth or gums!

    Better Brush‚ĄĘ Toothbrush is a¬†game-changer¬†when it comes to¬†battling food residue¬†and promoting good teeth and gum health


    Benefits of Better Brush‚Äč

    ✅ Cloud-Soft Bristles - Clean your teeth and gums with the gentleness they deserve. 

    ✅ More is More - 12,000 bristles more, that’s 80 times more than traditional brushes! Not to mention, 80 times more power to eliminate plaque, giving you a whiter smile.

    ‚úÖ Ergonomically Crafted - Our brush head is designed to align with teeth grooves, eliminating enamel erosion.

    ✅ Deep Cleanse - Our scientifically advanced bristles are only 80 microns thick, making it a breeze to eliminate tough-to-reach food residue and bacteria for fresher breath.

    ✅ Safety First - Our Bristles are made from soft, anti-bacterial nylons and our handle is made from BPA-free plastic. 

    ✅Healthy Gums - Micro-soft bristles, effective care for gum health, and tooth enamels

    ✅Less Harsh Brushing - Better Brush is Designed to reduce pressure while brushing to avoid enamel erosion 

    More bristles = cleaner teeth! Better Brush features 12,000 nano bristles, giving you 10x the surface area touching your teeth.  Our Ultra-soft toothbrush not only cleans better but is softer and less irritating than the traditional alternative. 

    Say goodbye to bad breath, excess plaque, and bleeding gums...Say hello to clean teeth and healthy gums!




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